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Available Works

In my current practice, I've been compelled  to slow down and pay homage to the  exceptional beauty in our natural world that I've often taken for granted while rushing through my busy life. It helps me to feel connected with myself and the world around me.

If you have connected with my work, you may be feeling this draw in your own life. I believe that surrounding ourselves with meaningful reminders of where we've come and how we want to move through life on this earth is healing and motivating. I hope you enjoy the work I have here in the shop and the words that I've chosen to pair with my paintings. 

Encaustic process is very intuitive allowing textures and forms to come spontaneously. I layer surfaces with encaustic paint, oil paint and embedded objects, both manufactured and natural, to create an illuminated depth. Through this process I intuitively explore these depths...chasing the stories of what lies beneath or the way clouds move across the sky dissolving and soaking up the light…not white but every color of light.

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