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Anne Rule-Thompson Studios


Every step of my journey as an artist has been influenced by my fascination with surfaces that tell their story through layers of texture and color. There is so much you can learn when you take time to see through the surface. Whether it's the bark of a tree or the deep translucent movement of water,  a story is waiting to be told.​

These places are my sanctuary. They make me feel alive while still feeling a deep sense of tranquility. I hope to create art that evokes similar emotions and inspirations reminding us of our deep connection with our natural world.


Anne Rule-Thompson began her career with a degree is in painting from Savannah College and Design. For years she worked with ceramics because of its physical ability to break the surface  and the unexpected affects created by the kiln firing process. She began to working  with encaustic with plans to incorporating it into ceramic sculpture.  During these explorations she found encaustic to be the bridge that allowed a new fluid texture and immediacy with the ability to include mixed media that would formerly be burned away in the kiln firing process. It is the marriage of these two materials that has launched explorations into, both painting and sculptural processes.  Anne Rule-Thompson lives and works in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia with her husband and two boys.




2023       THE LITTLE THINGS, Evolve Gallery, Shepherdstown, WV 

        NOSTALGIA, District Arts Gallery, Frederick, MD

2022       BRING THE OUTSIDE IN, Group Exhibition, Shepherdstown, WV

 HOLIDAY GROUP EXHIBITION, Bridge Gallery, Shepherdstown, WV

2019        PIRATE ROCK,  Group Exhibition, Tryst Gallery, Leesburg, VA

        FUSION, Group Exhibition, District Arts Gallery, Frederick MD


2018        ALCHEMY, Juried Group Exhibition, Arts Guild of Sonoma, Sonoma, CA 

        PROXIMITY, Group Exhibition, Catalyst Gallery, Rockville, MD

2017        TAMARACK BEST OF WEST VEIGINIA, David L. Dickerson Gallery, Beckley, WV

        BENEATH THE SURFACE, Group Exhibition, Rivers Studio & Gallery, Harpers Ferry, WV



2016         500 Figures in Clay, Lark Publications, 2014, Pg. 109


tel. 703-727-2532

Harpers Ferry, WV

All questions regarding available work, projects, commissions, and partnership possibilities can be sent through this online form or via email above.

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