Artist Statement

When I was four years old, I tried to turn my mother’s record player into a potter’s wheel. That was my first experience with clay. Since then I've been captivated by what can be created with clay. Add to that the amazing and unexpected changes that occur to the surface color and texture in the firing process and I’ve found a medium that is unmatched for creative potential. While my formal degree is in painting and illustration, I found my way to sculpture and clay through my need to break the surface in my two dimensional work.

Every mark in nature comes from a deliberate force, sometimes repeated to produce patterns of form and texture. I’m interested in capturing this beauty, whether its rocks carved by water or the gentle layers of color created by weather. Water is a reoccurring theme in my work not just because of its graceful beauty, but because of its life sustaining strength. Glass is the perfect medium to tell the story of water with its fluid transformation occurring in the firing process.

As humans, we feel the need to control our surroundings in attempts to construct predictable patterns. I’m interested in creating surfaces that allow unprompted outcomes.  While I always start with an intended composition, process then becomes very intuitive allowing textures and forms to come spontaneously. I layer surfaces with clay, slips, under glazes, glazes, stains, glass and inks much like the elements continue to affect our environment. I hope to create exciting sculptural pieces that explore beautiful contrasting variations similar those found in nature.


Anne Rule-Thompson graduated with a BFA from Savannah College of Art & Design. She began her career painting murals but eventually found her way to clay through community ceramics programs.