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Bringing the Outside In...


Every step of my journey as an artist has been influenced by my fascination with surfaces that tell their story through layers of texture and color. There is so much you can learn when you take time to see through the surface. Whether it's the bark of a tree or the deep translucent movement of water,  a story is waiting to be told. 

Much of my work focuses on places I've found where water meets the land. I'm enamored by the contrast in textures that occur in these overlooked feasts for the senses.


These places are my sanctuary. They make me feel alive while still feeling a deep sense of tranquility. I hope to create art that evokes similar emotions and inspirations in your home.​


I paint with clay and sculpt with paint.

 While my degree is in painting, I moved into ceramics because of its physical ability to break the surface and create unexpected color and texture variation. Initially, I began to work in encaustic with hopes of later incorporating it into my  ceramics sculptures.  During these explorations I fell in love. So, here I find myself painting again.


Encaustic is just the bridge that allows me to include a new fluid texture and immediacy to my work. I can build up the surface quickly and include collaged items that would formerly be burned away in the kiln firing process. It is the marriage of these two materials that has launched me into new explorations that include, both, painting and sculptural processes. 

What is encaustic, you say? More info here.

The Studio

My studio is in the lower level of our home that attaches to a small gallery opening to our patio. It contains a space for ceramics, encaustic and my kiln. Of course, it also contains a large English mastiff who creates a snoring musical background on most work days. 

If you you would like to arrange a studio visit, I'd be happy to show you my work and process so you can touch and feel these textural paintings in person.

In addition, I occasionally have open studio weekends including The Over the Mountain Studio Tour in November. 

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