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Painting created from a video of Harpers Ferry National Park's School House Ridge, taken by Telly Encarnacion.

Do you have a favorite photo of a beautiful place that you've traveled and would love to be reminded of that feeling when you are relaxing in front of your fireplace or lounging in your bedroom? Or maybe you've been admiring the texture and fluid motion of encaustic, but the colors or sizes haven't been just right.  Commissioning a painting could offer these solutions while creating a deeper connection with your life and experiences. 

How it Works


Choose Your Photo

I accept commissions for landscapes paintings. This means that I accept projects  from images that do not contain people or pets. If you were in the woods, on the water, or looking at the mountains....If it inspired you, I'm sure it will inspire me.


Payment Information

Cost will vary depending on the scale of the project. I'll accept a deposit to get the ball rolling. When you’re happy with the final piece, you pay the remainder.


Create a Contract

We work together to choose a size, project description, timeline, and shipping strategy. The contract wil contain all the details including copyright and payment information.


Progress Updates

Once the job is accepted, I will begin to work on your personal original encaustic painting. We will be sure to arrange check in points during the journey that will allow you to see the process unfold.

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