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Gallery Wall Hanging Guide

Choose your Space

Choose a wall that relates to the size of your collection. You can always move a collection as it grows. It is a good idea to think of the entire Gallery wall as one rectangle or square. You can also make a template using butcher paper or wrapping paper to see what size will look nicely on your wall.

Choose your Artwork

If you are working with my mini paintings, it's really more important to choose what speaks to you than to match colors. Encaustic shows the depth of many layers color that will pick up colors around the room. Similarity of size will unite the gallery wall.  As in nature everything looks connected with more variety. This is especially true if you plan to grow a collection. 

Plan Your Space

Use the general guidelines mentioned above to locate a good sized wall. It can be helpful to trace and cut out each piece on paper.  You can hang these with painters tape and move them to be sure you like the look. A good rule of thumb is to plan around 2 inches between my five inch mini paintings for a cohesive look. 

Hang Your Artwork

Be sure to measure each piece from the top to the center resting place of the hanging wire. You can use this measurement to mark your paper template  and hang it on the wall where you think it fits best. Then you can nail your hook directly to the wall onto your butcher paper template. Simply pull the paper down after, it will tear off, and you can discard it. 


Finishing touches

When you have your pieces hanging be sure to secure the bottom  corners with a bit of "sticky putty" to protect from movement during everyday life chaos. These can be purchased at most hardware stores. 


You have created a gallery wall like the designers.

Most importantly, you have created a poetic space that brings a deeper sense of meaning to your life. 

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